Gallatin High School

 GREENLIGHT Registration SY21-22
Monday, July 26th and Tuesday, July 27th
4:00 - 7:00pm

All students and one parent/guardian MUST ATTEND one of the two Greenlight nights (even if you filled out the registration info online - there is still more to do at GreenLight).
Online Registration and Greenlight Attendance are both required in order to receive class schedule, parking pass, student ID, take class picture (9th-11th only), lunch form, and much more.  There will be opportunities to buy GHS clothing, get information and/or join clubs and organizations too!!!

Required by ALL Students:

  1. Online Registration
    • HERE is the information you will need gather and have with you when you register online with the registration link below.
    • When you click on the registration link below, you will see another viewable/printable form that will guide you through the entire online registration process.
    • You will either register as a "Current Student" OR a "New to Sumner County School Student".
    • Screen shot the last page, when you submit your registration, for proof and be prepared to show this proof at Greenlight.
      • Click HERE for the Registration Link - Current and New Students
  2. McKinney-Vento Questionnaire 
    • Download, print, fill out and bring with you to Greenlight either the English or Spanish Questionnaire below:
      • Click HERE for the English version.
      • Click HERE for the Spanish version.
  3. Student Health Form
    • Download, print, fill out and bring with you to Greenlight the Student Health Form below:
      • Click HERE for the Student Health Form
  4. School Fees - $25
    • This year's school fee has been reduced to $25 (last year it was $50).
    • Paying online now will allow you to bypass the fee table at registration.
    • The link below will take you to the secure OSP website for payments.
    • Screenshot the last page to show your payment confirmation at Greenlight.
    • Click HERE to pay for the $25 school fee.

Optional Forms and Information for Students: 

  1. Parking
    • Parking is $5 per year. Bring your money and the filled out form below to Greenlight when you com. 
    • Before filling our the form below, you will need to know your vehicle information, the license plate number and student's driver's license number.
    • HERE is the parking form.  Download, print, fill out and bring with you to Greenlight.
  2. School Supplies
    • Technically, there is no specific School Supply List; however, here are suggested items for success:
      • Each student will have 4-5 teachers.
      • Students should purchase items to help them stay organized, such as:
        • Folders
        • Paper
        • Notebooks
        • Pens
        • Pencils
        • Highlighters
        • Etc.
      • TI-84 Plus Calculator. This calculator is optional but will be used all four years.
  3. Tax Free Weekend is Friday - Sunday, July 30th - August 1st. Tennessee offers no taxes on clothing, school supplies and computers.  Hopefully, this will help with the school supply list above.  Click HERE for more informaiton regarding the Tax Free Weekend.
  4. Covid-19 FAQ and Guidance 
  5. Course Catalog SY 21-22
  6. GHS Student Handbook
  7. Sumner Schools Student Handbook
  8. Skyward - This is an easy to use web based tool for parents and guardians that provides secure, near real time information about your child.  You will need to get comfortable with site as it is of great importance knowing all about your student.
    • Skyward is for:
      • Register returning students
      • Grades
      • Attendance
      • Class Schedule
      • Messages from teachers
      • Edit demographic information (address, phone numbers, email, etc)
      • This is also how you receive email and text notifications - just make sure you email and phone number is in Skyward.  In order to receive text messages from GHS, please "opt-in" by texting "YES" to "68453"
    • Skyward Help


More Greenlight information for you to, either fill out or know, is coming soon.  We will try to email parents as we add more information to this page.  Please bookmark this page and check back often to make sure you are fully prepared for Greenlight/Registration!!!