Gallatin High School

This page is a work-in-progress.  It should be up-to-date about a week before GreenLight.  You should receive a parent email letting you know that all the forms and links on this page are ready for you to complete.  If you have not registered your email address, then follow the link down below.  Thank you!
GreenLight SY18-19
GHS Registration
Monday, July 30th, 2018, 4-7pm
Tuesday, July 31st,  2018, 4-7pm
It is MANDATORY that every student AND their parent/guardian attend either night.
Important: A parent or guardian MUST be present at GreenLight with their GHS student to turn in completed registration forms.  In order to pick-up class schedule, take yearbook picture and ID, buy parking pass, etc, all registration forms must be completed and contain all required signatures by both parent and student.  
GHS Course Catalog  SY18-19  (updated 1/24/18)  
GHS Student Handbook  SY17-18
Sumner County Schools Student Handbook  SY17-18
If you would like a hard copy of the Sumner County Schools Student Handbook, please request it from the GHS main office. 
 CTE Career Pathways Guide SY17-18 
Graduation Requirements
PRINT, FILL OUT, AND BRING ALL the following to GreenLight:   
1) Acknowledgement of Important County Policies-English version OR Acknowledgement of Important County Policies-Spanish version  Please download and fill out the version that applies to you.
2) Signature Page for GHS Handbook Policies & Technology Rules/Regulations
3) Parent Survey  This is required for registration.  Please take a "screen shot" AND print the screen shot at the end of the survey where it says "Thank you for taking the time to complete the Parent Survey for Sumner County Schools". Please bring this printed proof to GreenLight so you will not have to stop and take the survey again.  This is mandated by Sumner County Board of Education.  If you need help undertanding some terms, please look at either, English AdvancED Parent Survey Definitions or Spanish AdvancED Parent Survey Definitions
      4) Phone Numbers  Print out one for each student and turn this in with the health form. 
5) Medical Health Form-English version OR Medical Health Form-Spanish version  Please choose the medical form that applies to you.  This form is 2 pages total (double-sided), so make sure you print and fill out both.  It would be helpful if you could staple or paper clip these 2 pages together to help with organization.
6) Migrant Occupational Survey-English version OR Migrant Occupational Survey-Spanish version  Please download and fill out the version that applies to you. 
7) Student Residency Questionnaire
8) Parent/Guardian Military Service Questionnaire 


Important Information:

Breakfast and Lunch Information

Fee Request  

Daily Bell Schedule

Sign up for parent email and text messages. If you are already receiving GHS email and text messages then you do not need to do this again - your information will be moved up a grade.  If you have not done this then please do so.  This is a great way to stay informed of your child's education.  Please encourage your student to sign-up too!

Yearbook, T-Shirts, Clubs and Organizations: You will be able to pick-up your SY16-17 YEARBOOK, purchase your yearbook for SY17-18, purchase t-shirts for your class and/or clubs, sign-up for different clubs and/or organizations, etc.

Parking Pass: You will need to 1) bring your driver's license.  Also, know what your 2) car tag # is, and the 3) color, make, model and year of your vehicle you are registering and 4) all passes are $5.00.  If you do not have a driver's license then you cannot get your parking pass.

Morning/Afternoon Traffic Flow

Parent Emergency Plans Information

Pre-Requisite reading for HONORS and DUAL ENROLLMENT English Classes ONLY.  If your student is not enrolled in these courses then please disregard.

Calendar for SY 2018-2019

GHS Homepage  It is a good idea to bookmark or make the GHS Homepage your homepage.  Daily Announcements are always at the top of this page and is another great way of staying informed.