Gallatin High School

Parent Email and Text Messages


Come January 2019, GHS will be using School Messenger to communicate with you 100% of the time.  Until then, you will get duplicate emails, just to make sure all is working properly. School Messenger allows GHS to send emails, phones calls and text messages.  Phones calls will not be used near as often as emails and texts.  Currently, the text option is not working, but it is our hopes it will be an option come January, 2019.

In order for you to receive emails, phone calls and texts, your information has to be correct in Information Now (iNow).  If you are not receiving our messages and feel you should be, please call our main office at 615-452-2621 and we will be happy to assist you. All edits to your iNow account take about 24-48 hours to update in the system.  The system will only allow two (2) phone numbers and two (2) emails associated with the Primary account.  Please choose those numbers and emails wisely, as they need to be the ones that are monitored often. Should your phone number or email change, always remember to call our main office to update your iNow account

An email will be sent once the text option becomes available.