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December 15, 2017 - CTE Student-of-the-Month

November Career and Technical Education Student-of-the-Month

The November Career and Technical students-of-the-month at Gallatin High School are Laura Beth Brewer and Sabrina Romans.

Laura Beth is a sophomore and was nominated by Mrs. Amy Howell in the Health Science Department. Health Science Education is an introduction that serves as a foundation for Health Care Occupations and functions across health services.

Mrs. Charlene Jackson nominated Sabrina who is also a sophomore from her Lifespan Development class. Lifespan Development builds basic knowledge in human growth and development.

Laura Beth Brewer   Sabrina Romans

December 13, 2017 - Merry Christmas from GHS!

 Christmas Card Front

Christmas Card back

December 13, 2017 - Business Students Obtain Certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist

Mrs. Lynda Love's CTE students recently spent much time and effort in obtaining certification as Microsoft Office Specialists.

The Microsoft Specialists are: Sstanding, left to right:  Jack Vaughn, Jared Thompson, Chris Wright, Sam Rudzinski, Matthew Burton, Zach Allen and Mrs. Lynda Love;  Sitting, left to right:  Taegen Gann, Amy Hernandez, Hannah Crowell, Preslie Anderson and Katie Martin.

Microsoft office specialist certification


December 2, 2017 - Martketing and Business Students Visit the Titans Learning Lab

Our marketing and business students recently visited the Tennessee Titans Learning Lab at Nissan Stadium.  This day long field trip allowed our students to get an indepth look at the operations of this large football organization.  This Lab included a behind-the-scenes tour of Nissan Stadium.  A few hightlights of the tour included the locker room, postgame interview room, press box, club level, suites and service department.  Titans employees from multiple departments of the organization led discussions that explained their responsibilities and gave students information on how their career began.

  Titan 1    Titans 2   Titans 3




November 1, 2017 - HOSA Blood Drive

The Red Cross and GHS HOSA held a Blood Drive recently at GHS.  About 30 students assisted in setting up the Blood Drive and throughout the event.

Pictured (l to r): Natalie Burns, Aria Garret, Ana Delgado and Michael Picchietti (donor).

Blood Drive 2017

October 25th, 2017 - GreenWave Festival

The Gallatin Green Wave Festival for the 2017 school year was recently held on October 4th. Students who sold over $300 for the 2017 Magazine Drive could participate. Students enjoyed a day of free icees, pizza, and candy while being able to play games and relax. Board games, video games and sports activities were enjoyed for close to one hundred students throughout the day. An additional one hundred were able to spend an hour out of class and also earned an icee for their part in the drive for having a $25 turn in. The students finished the day off with a movie in the GHS theatre.

 Greenwave Festival 1  Greenwave Festival 2  Greenwave Festival 3


October 24, 2017 - CTE Student of the Month

Gallatin High School Career and Technical Education Students of the Month for October are Ronnekai Banks, Gage Mash, and Nathan Sullivan.

Coach Greg Harper says Ms. Banks is an outstanding student who never misses assignments and participates in all class discussions in his Criminal Justice course. Criminal Justice I, serves as a comprehensive study of how the law enforcement, legal, and correctional systems interact with each other in the United States. Investigative skills will be developed in the areas of drug use, incident documentation and basic crime scene investigation.

Gage is always willing to help when needed and exceeds expectations in his Landscaping and Turf Management class according to his teacher Mrs. Rebecca Myers. Landscaping and Turf Science is designed to prepare students to work in the landscaping industry. This course provides students with the technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for a further education and careers in landscape production.

Nathan has great grades, a positive attitude, and works well with others in both the Business classes he takes with Mr. Yancey Gregory. Introduction to Business and Marketing helps students prepare for the growing complexities of the business world by examining basic principles of business, marketing, and finance in addition to exploring key aspects of leadership, ethical and social responsibilities, and careers. Computer Applications I, is a foundational course intended to teach students the computing fundamentals and concepts involved in the proficient use of common application software.

Pictured with Mr. Glasgow, GHS Assistant Principal are Ronnekai Banks (left), Gage Mash (middle),  and Nathan Sullivan (right).

Ronnekai Banks  Gage Mash  Nathan Sullivan


October 3, 2017 - CTE Student-of-the-Month

The winners for September CTE Students-of-the-Month are Randy Holland and Rivers Hanna. The winners come from the Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Program of Study and Advanced Engineering Program of Study. According to his teacher Mr. Ricky Robertson, “Randy has one of the best attitudes and always goes the extra mile to get his work completed.” In Maintenance and light Repair III, students study and service suspension and steering systems and brake systems. Upon completing all of the Maintenance and Light Repair courses, students may enter automotive service industry as an ASE Certified MLR Technician.  

Mike Madison says this about Rivers, “he is continuously seeking to gain extra knowledge to advance his machine experiences.” Principles of Machining II stresses the concepts and practices of a production environment. Emphasis is also placed on quality control, safety and engineering codes and standards, and production-grade machining systems.

Pictured with Mr. Glasgow, GHS Assistant Principal are Randy Holland (left) and Rivers Hanna (right).

 Randy Holland  Rivers Hanna


September 21, 2017 - FFA

The Gallatin FFA Soil Judging team won Fist Place in their district competition. The team competed in the Middle Tennessee Soil Judging contest on September 21 where they took the district win and ranked 12th in the region. Tennessee FFA held the competition at the Tennessee State University Nursery Research Center in McMinnville, TN. During the competition team members use their knowledge of soil morphological feathers to evaluate a sample.

Pictured are team members (L-R) Shayla Lile, Kyle Thompson, Jacob Conn, Kamron Thompson

FFA Soil


September 18, 2017 - Culinary Arts

The culinary arts classes held a soft opening earlier this month in coordination with the Green Wave Magazine Drive.  Led by Chef West, the culinary classes offered items such as pizza, cinnamon rolls, macaroni and cheese, as well as drinks to classes.  The classes who were able to attend the first opening of the school year needed to have 100% participation in the magazine turn-in.  A total of thirty-three classes were able to attend the opening.