Gallatin High School

Main Street Award Winner

Fundraiser 1 

Fundraiser 1

2020 Annual Magazine Drive

with Gift Wrap, Snacks, and Home Products too!

Turn-In Dates: No turn-in dates this school year.  You can shop ALL SCHOOL YEAR!!!!

Directions for customers wanting to order online:

  1. Visit www.gaschoolstore.com
  2. Click on “I'm Ready to Shop”
  3. Enter the Organization’s Online Store ID: 2613149 (Gallatin High School Wide)
  4. Enter the student's name you want to support or click "Skip this step".
  5. Complete your shopping experience.
  6. Submit for Final Purchase. 

Other information concerning this year's fundraiser:

  1. We are only selling online this year for people to support the school.
  2. We are not doing an official fundraiser with prizes for student sellers.
  3. The school still receive 40%-50% of each sell, depending on the item.
  4. Please be aware there is shipping cost added for items other than magazines.
  5. You may also renew any magazine you currently have a subscription to. Please know it takes 6-8 weeks for processing, so in order to not miss magazine issues, renew your magazines sooner, rather than later.


Thank you for supporting GHS!!!