Gallatin High School


Hello welcome to the HERGO webpage!! Down below is a description of what we stand for and what we do as a club for the LGBTQ+ youth that walk the halls of GHS.

Each year, more LGBTQ students will enroll in GHS. The students currently here have grown up in a world where being gay was something they have largely had to hide. But the students in 5th and 6th grade now are growing up in a world where gay marriage is legal. A world where Hollywood and television have openly gay stars and personalities. A world where activists are becoming more prominent and their words are echoing more loudly.
The future is one of more open communication and it also must be one of more open acceptance. This is what HERGO strives to provide.
 We are trying to give these teens a place where they can find support. HERGO offers these kids – some of whom are not “out” at home because they would be kicked out, some of whom are not “out” at school for fear of bullying or being shunned by their friends – a place where they can discuss their experiences, challenges, and daily lives with people in the same situations and those who are willing to try and help.
We meet every wedensday and friday at 7:40 please feel free to come by. This club is open to anyone and everyone.
If you have any questions please email the following:
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