Gallatin High School


Helping Educate Regarding Gender Orientation


Welcome to the HERGO info page! 

HERGO is a club focused on supporting lgbtq students and their allies at GHS. The club is open to all students interested in promoting a culture of equality, tolerance, and support. 
HERGO seeks to give these teens a place where they can find support, friendship, acceptance, and common ground. HERGO offers these teens– some of whom are not “out” at home because they would be kicked out, some of whom are not “out” at school for fear of bullying or being shunned by their friends – a place where they can discuss their experiences, challenges, and daily lives with people in the same situations and those who are willing to try and help. We do all this and still find time to be amazing... Come say hi any Wednesday morning at 7:40 in room 312.