Gallatin High School

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Mission Statement
PRIDE: Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence

Along with increasing your knowledge and developing your skills, your major responsibility while at GHS will be to respect your fellow students, teachers, and staff members. They, in return, should respect you. No individual at GHS has the right or privilege to infringe on or to deny the rights of another individual. This handbook has been prepared to help you get acquainted with the Green Wave tradition and to introduce the rules for this school year. We hope you will become familiar with the facilities, rules, schedules, teams, and organizations and that you will make an effort to know your teachers and make new friends. By taking part in all that Gallatin High School has to offer, you are helping to preserve and grow the tradition and spirit of GHS.

Vision Statement

Gallatin High School commits to growing learners who exhibit PRIDE - Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence - through quality instruction, strong leadership, the effective use of resources, and a culture of collaboration. Quality Instruction - GHS will promote a culture of collaborative, public, and reflective practice that supports the continuous improvement of curriculum, assessment, and instruction to provide our students with learning opportunities that transcend the classroom and are applicable to their goals. GHS will provide varied opportunities and authentic learning experiences to develop knowledge, creativity, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills for our students. GHS will provide rigorous and relevant learning opportunities for students. Leadership - GHS will seek out teachers for their knowledge and input on the school level. GHS will model effective leadership for all stakeholders, working together towards a common goal. GHS leadership will set high expectations for all stakeholders and hold itself to an even higher standard. Resource Utilization - GHS will consistently evaluate our research, teaching, leadership, and service to ensure their relevance and effectiveness for our students and other stakeholders in the educational community. GHS will provide our students with excellent teachers, relevant technology, and authentic experiences. GHS will work to develop teachers and their use of best practices, innovative teaching, and collaborative planning. Collaborative Culture - GHS will link teachers, students, parents, family members, and the community to each other in order to provide collaboration and a shared responsibility for student achievement and success. GHS teachers will lead students by inventing work that is standards-based, interesting, challenging, satisfying, and engaging. GHS teachers will strengthen their use of research-based practices through staff development and peer collaboration across grade levels and content areas.