Gallatin High School

Main Street Award Winner
Art Club
     Welcome to the GHS Art Club! This club provides students with opportunities beyond the confinements of a classroom to explore the wonderful and often unusual world of the Visual Arts. Club participants design and execute murals within the school and in the community, take arts related trips to areas of interest such as the First Art Museum and Hatch Show Print, and provide other arts-based services for the GHS learning community. This includes painting posters for Homecoming, painting faces at various events, and collaborating with other content areas. 
     Students interested in joining may contact Ms. Schnetzer (room 307) or Ms. Stewart (room 110) for more information. You can also follow the club on Instagram @ghs_visarts_schnetzer. We hope to see you Thursdays after school, from 3:30 to 5!
Art Show